Sentinel Dvpn

Sentinel Dvpn

The Sentinel ecosystem is a global network of autonomous dVPN applications that enable private and censorship resistant internet access. Check our メNodes.


SOLAR dVPN is a blockchain-based decentralized VPN service. Using mobile & desktop apps, it allows you to access hundreds of community-managed servers all around the world and use them as your private & secure gateway to the Internet. Available for IOS, Android and Linux.

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Meile is a decentralized VPN solution built on top of the Sentinel Blockchain. Utilizing blockchain technology alongside community-hosted decentralized nodes creates a private and censorship-resistant network for everyone. Avaliable for Windows, Linux and OS X.

Our メNodes.

  • Portugal 2
  • Germany 2
  • Poland 1
  • United States 1
  • France 1
  • Poland 1
  • United Kingdom 1
  • Singapore 1
  • Australia 1
  • Canada 1